Wild Flower Arrangements

 One of my favorite parts about staying at the Colorado house is being surrounded by natural terrain. I work in Irvine, CA and I completely despise that city. The main reason is how they've destroyed any natural terrain and have over-landscaped so bad that you wouldn't know what a native plant is if you stepped... Continue Reading →


So, remember when I told you I went to Paris? Yeah... that was a few months ago. I'm just NOW getting around to sharing! Well, I won't bore you with too many details. (I didn't get to do 3/4ths of what I wanted to do!) Here are a few shots we captured... My first hour of... Continue Reading →

Industrial Metal Wall File

What to do, what to do?! I acquired this vintage metal file from a colleague. I've actually been looking for something like this. It is pretty rusted, but I took it home anyway. So should I paint it or keep the original finish with rusty patina and all?? Is it rusty enough to be cool?... Continue Reading →


Follow my blog with Bloglovin!So rumors are that Google Reader is kicking the bucket. I'm hearing that BlogLovin is the next best thing. Admittedly, I haven't used either - I just bookmarked everything! So I'm jumping on the bandwagon with BlogLovin. Join me!

Quick trip to Austin, TX

We went to Austin for a cousin's wedding. It was a quick and busy trip with lots of family events. But we managed to squeeze in a little sight seeing. Here are a couple shots from the rehearsal dinner and wedding. They were lovely and I wanted to take more pictures of the awesome vintage... Continue Reading →

Silver Cup Succulents

 Whew! I have been a busy girl! I can't believe I have another post ready to go. My power was out at my house for two whole hours today so that made me get off my butt, away from the computer, and get outside. I found these super cute stainless cups recently. Not sure if... Continue Reading →

House and Garden 1929

I was at the shop today checking out this book that came in. A House and Garden's Book of Color Schemes from 1929. When I turned to this page my face lit up. I've had a big fascination with these faux bamboo chairs for a while now. If you recall the chairs I refreshed were... Continue Reading →

Next project!

Okay, projects are piling up and now I'm on to the next one. But this is good because it means I can paint multiple items at once rather than setting up at different times. Which would likely mean months later at the rate I'm going. Setup and clean up with the pneumatic sprayer is kind... Continue Reading →

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