Pantry Door Handle

Ah, I get such joy out of the littlest things. When I was designing the layout for the kitchen I knew I had to have the stove on this wall. But this door to the pantry and electrical closet couldn't be moved so I just had to work around it. I decided to put two... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Counters

The kitchen counters have been installed! We got the Cortina Quartz and are super stoked with it. The installers did a great job. Hopefully this weekend we can get the backsplash done. And then we need to build the hood. And finish caulking the trim and touch up paint and this kitchen should be done!... Continue Reading →

Front Entrance Vision

Our front door is in an awkward spot. This is the view from the street. It is around the corner to the right. Here's what the side view used to look like. The white door IS NOT the front door. That is the door to the kitchen. The front door is behind the spruce on... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Island

I'm pretty stoked how this bad boy came out. It's funny how some things work out. After installing all the grey kitchen cabinets I started preparing and searching for an island. I really wanted a rustic antique wood piece but knew it would be hard to find the perfect size. In my original drawing I... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Progress!

So living in a chaotic construction zone during the holidays with numerous house-guest visits and birthdays to deal with has made the last couple months... can't quite come up with the perfect words to describe it right now but I think you know what I mean. My last post was when our kitchen appliances arrived... Continue Reading →


Hooray! My kitchen appliances arrived! Too bad they're going to be sitting here for a while until the rest of the kitchen is ready. 😦  But I have to say that ordering these through Coscto was an awesome experience. I ordered them last week - they were having a Black Friday sale that I couldn't... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Update

This kitchen is going to be super kick ass! Lot's have happened already....Cabinets gone and walls were torn out. Why is that stove still there?? ;)Let the light in!! New half wall made with the original 2x4"s from 1906 that will look into the dining room and a fancy beam to help hold up this... Continue Reading →

Ombre Cake

This cake sort of marks an occasion. Not only was it for my daughter's 5th birthday party but it was an actual creative domestic project that I completed.  It's been a while and I'm hoping to tap back into my creative side. 2014 was one CRAZY-ASS year for me. I put Katch Studios on hold... Continue Reading →

New Master Bath!

Hey-O! Look at this - we have a completed project! The Master Bath in our home is usable and fully functional. Well... we still need to mount the tp holder that is somehow missing a part, but that's not holding us back. And we LOVE it! The photos don't do it justice because there is... Continue Reading →

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