Update: Master Bedroom

Projects on the house are now being done in little spurts. Not one room is completely finished. While we finally got all the base moulding done on the first level, there is still a ton of caulking, sanding and painting to do. I think the bedrooms are the closest to being completely done. We just... Continue Reading →

Rattan Chevron Moss Green Table

 I've been a cleaning and organizing freak lately! Look at me go - another project in the bag! This little desk has been sitting in my garage for, oh, almost 2 years. Poor thing. It's so cute! And now... So pretty! I sprayed it with Moss Green Satin from Rust-Oleum. And surprisingly, it only took one... Continue Reading →

Plastic Lounge Chairs Makeover

 I do not like plastic furniture. I quite dislike anything plastic. But I dislike being wasteful more. Quite a few years ago we wanted lounge chairs for the backyard. Of course I wanted teak ones. But not having much money hinders that plan. Coincidentally, I literally stumbled across these while on a walk. Someone was... Continue Reading →

Vintage TV Cabinet

  After having a new sliding-glass door installed and our jungle of a backyard butchered, I finally have enough light to take a picture of our new-ish TV cabinet. It's a vintage buffet that we found at a local antique shop. The previous owner painted it white and distressed it. It fits all of our electronic... Continue Reading →

Late 1800s Fireplace Mantle

This post is for Kelly. 😉 Thank you so much for commenting on my Instagram post. I was going to send a long-winded response but I thought a blog post would be more fitting. Here's the deal, people: I just acquired this Victorian era fireplace mantle FOR FREE. A HUGE thank you to Bud from... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Banquette

 Just pretty-ing up my kitchen banquette. We've had it completed for about a year now. I don't think I can get sick of it. Banquettes are a must! If you have the space for it...   My new Lil' Buddy the vintage partridge. Got him at an estate sale. Was thinking of selling him but I... Continue Reading →

Curb Alert!

 I found this guy on a street near my house. Somebody was just throwing it out. Luckily I was on a walk not too far from home so I rushed back, dumped my kids on my neighbor, snagged her brother and truck and went and grabbed it! It was in great condition. A vintage Basset... Continue Reading →

Antique Vanity

Woohoo! I finished something! Finally! And although this is the newest item into my possession (Thank you Stephanie!) and I still have several pieces that that give me the evil eye every time I go into the garage, I just had to tackle this one right away. Mostly because it was in good condition and... Continue Reading →

Spindle Shelf

Yay! A finished project! It may be a new one that I recently purchased materials for but at least its DONE! I do feel bad about my neglected items but I'm more excited about this piece. It's pretty much on the top of my list of favorites. I built it all by myself (well, maybe... Continue Reading →

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