Pantry Door Handle

9-2017 Kitchen_Pantry_handle-01-lr

Ah, I get such joy out of the littlest things. When I was designing the layout for the kitchen I knew I had to have the stove on this wall. But this door to the pantry and electrical closet couldn’t be moved so I just had to work around it. I decided to put two 15-inch cabinets on either side of the stove even though I knew I wouldn’t be able to open the pantry door all the way. But enough to access the pantry. It’s more of a storage utility closet than food storage and there is no way I’m showing you a photo of that disaster zone! 😉

Once we installed the new counters the existing junky brass door knob hit right into the corner of the counter. So we had to come up with a new solution, and cover up the hole in the door. One trip to the antique shop and $6 later the problem has been solved!

9-2017 Kitchen_Pantry_handle-02-lr

So cute! And functional! Haha! But seriously this made my day. Hence this whole post about a spatula door handle. 😉

9-2017 Kitchen_Pantry_handle-03-lr

Now we can slip into the wreckage, I mean, storage closet without damaging the counter. Little victories… 😉

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