Update: Master Bedroom

Projects on the house are now being done in little spurts. Not one room is completely finished. While we finally got all the base moulding done on the first level, there is still a ton of caulking, sanding and painting to do. I think the bedrooms are the closest to being completely done. We just had new Milgard windows put in and can now finish painting the trim in those rooms. I’m SO excited to be able to open a window all the way and not have to worry about bugs or other wild animals getting in. And since we don’t have air conditioning, we can finally cool down the house at night!! It’s a good thing we have pretty awesome weather here in Eagle, Colorado. Not too hot and barely any humidity. So even though we’ve been under construction for a year, we’re still ecstatic about our big move. 😉

10-2016 MasterBedroom-Demo-009

When we bought the house there was the large built-in headboard in the master bedroom. The above photo is what we found after we tore it out. A very large hole in the floor. Creepy! Underneath the floor in that spot, in the large crawl space, is our furnace. On the other side of the wall is the fireplace in the living room. This room was also carpeted.


We had the floor guys patch that up with extra floor boards that we salvaged from the bathrooms. 10-2016 MasterBedroom-Demo-005

The floors were finished last December but we couldn’t move into the bedrooms (from our temporary rooms upstairs) until after we had the master bath tile done which was completed in early May this year.


My husband and I were sleeping on a mattress on the floor in an upstairs closet for almost 8 months! Things just take longer when you have to do a lot of the work yourself on top of jobs and raising kids. But it was so awesome finally being able to sleep in this room. I felt like I was in the Palace of Versailles! Haha!


While the room isn’t completely done, it’s nice to have this corner looking decent. Poor Frida has been sitting either in a box or on the floor since last August. I think the monkeys are as happy as I am. 😉

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