Front Entrance Vision

Our front door is in an awkward spot. This is the view from the street. It is around the corner to the right.

Here’s what the side view used to look like. The white door IS NOT the front door. That is the door to the kitchen. The front door is behind the spruce on the right. Not very inviting huh.

But I’ve got big plans for this! Lot’s of landscaping headed our way this summer. And we’ve already started. Today we had the spruce in front of the front door taken down. Let there be light!

And now you can see the front door! Thank you Eager Beaver Tree Service!

Look at that beautiful pediment! So, of course, as with any new project, I start getting ideas, making plans and drawings, getting super excited. And then it takes us forever to complete it. Meh… But check out how I envision this space…

Isn’t it pretty! Looks like a decent house now! Hopefully, one day, we can see this in real life… 😉 Here’s the long list of things we need to do:
-Paint the blue trim white.
-Build two new fences (mostly for the dogs)
-Build a deck
-Pour a new curved concrete path to emphasize the “front door” (even though everyone will still probably use the kitchen door)
-Add flagstone to the kitchen door and in various other spots
-Add decomposed granite patio
-New front door
-Add some Aspen trees for privacy for our neighbors

How much, I wonder, is all that gonna cost? Hmmm…  Anyone need a graphic designer???  I’m available! 😉

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