Kitchen Progress!

So living in a chaotic construction zone during the holidays with numerous house-guest visits and birthdays to deal with has made the last couple months… can’t quite come up with the perfect words to describe it right now but I think you know what I mean. My last post was when our kitchen appliances arrived – WAY back in November. Well, as of last Saturday, all of my appliances are now installed and fully operational. I have not had a kitchen sink in SIX MONTHS! We’ve been using our upstairs bathroom! Or hotel bathrooms…

The above photo is a temporary solution but it has made life SO much better. I started putting together our cabinets almost a month ago. We can’t get the quartz countertops and apron sink that we want right now so we’re settling for Ikea butcher block. I had this piece from our last house that I was using as a desk in my office. I’m glad I lugged it here from California! I got the cast iron Kohler sink from Habitat for Humanity (I’m there almost every week!) for $10 and the faucet from Home Depot. After waiting about three weeks for the plumbers to finally show up I now have a functioning sink!


We have to make the two-hour trip to Denver to get more butcher block so the rest of my counters consist of a random white shelf, and cardboard. HAHAHA! Since most of the cabinets are installed and screwed to the walls we started filling them. Finally able to get some of the boxes unpacked and out of the garage. And we will have white subway tile for the backsplash but, to protect the drywall, I put up a vinyl shelf liner. It’s cute! But I need to get more to cover the rest of the wall.

We’ll be trimming out the opening with a nice painted white ledge and trim moulding at some point. I have no clue when we’ll be getting to that. My husband and I have taken over this project from the contractor so all the little finishing touches will most likely be done on the weekends.

Here’s the “before” shot of the kitchen from when we bought it. Hopefully I can get a really nice “after” shot in a couple weeks!

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