Holiday Succulent Wreath

Finally getting around to decorating for the holidays. And trying to do that with the two tornadoes (my daughters) isn’t so easy.  But I managed to make a wreath. It’s a super basic one with noble tree trimmings, succulents and dusty miller. I just wired everything together onto a metal hanger from the dry cleaners. So all the materials were FREE! My kind of wreath!

While I’m super excited that this is the first Christmas that I actually have a mantle to hang my stockings, I wish the rest of the wall looked good. Meh, maybe next year. Oh, and BTW, don’t buy “composite” leather anything. You can see my lovely “leather” chair is falling apart. We’ve only had that for about a year. Maybe Santa will bring us a new one for Christmas. And maybe a bigger house too. Not totally stoked that the tree is shoved into the corner but we have no where else to put it. Please Santa! Cross your fingers!

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