Santa Fe, New Mexico

I’ve only been to Santa Fe once but I was blown away. These photos are from 2006 and I just can’t get them out of my head. We will go back – someday.

 This is the famous staircase of the The Loretto Chapel that was built with out nails – only wooden pegs by a mysterious traveler around 1880. I love crazy shit like this! 😉

I went with my future husband’s family. We did this fun cooking school where we cooked an awesome pork loin with scrumptious reduction sauce and some sort of chocolate cake. There were some sides but I can only remember those two things. 😉

 Needless to say I had several beverages that night and could have taken some more awesome photos of the drive and museum tour the next day but ended up hurling in various locations in front of my future father-in-law. Pretty freaking classic.

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