Wild Flower Arrangements

One of my favorite parts about staying at the Colorado house is being surrounded by natural terrain. I work in Irvine, CA and I completely despise that city. The main reason is how they’ve destroyed any natural terrain and have over-landscaped so bad that you wouldn’t know what a native plant is if you stepped on it. They plant forests and then two years later rip everything out and over plant again. And the over-watering is a whole other issue that blows my mine. Such a waste. So sad. 
Back to my photos….
In this top arrangement I picked Calcareous Crypantha (white), Tufted Hair (grass), Threetooth Ragwort (yellow), and I couldn’t figure out the green one.
Apline Yarrow (white), Russian Sage (purple) and the Tufted Hair grass again.
There were so many different wild flowers all over the place. These ones were just a few steps out the door. I was in heaven. So inspiring. Can’t wait to go back!

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