Curb Alert!

 I found this guy on a street near my house. Somebody was just throwing it out. Luckily I was on a walk not too far from home so I rushed back, dumped my kids on my neighbor, snagged her brother and truck and went and grabbed it! It was in great condition. A vintage Basset solid wood dresser with dove-tailed drawers. Stoked! I was looking for some less-chunky hardware but I couldn’t find any in the quantity needed that I liked. So I just did a basic paint job and now I have a pretty new dresser for my bedroom.

Now on the the rest of the room. AAaaahhhhh! 

8 thoughts on “Curb Alert!

  1. HA! And it still looks that way! Well, pretty much 😉

    That is one beautiful dresser on your sit. Love the rest of the photos too! Thanks!!



  2. Thank you! The color is Lotus Leaf (UL220-16) by Behr in the satin finish. I love this paint. I used a “furniture finish” small roller because the dresser has mostly flat surfaces. If it were more rounded I would use my pneumatic sprayer. Let me know if you have any other questions! I'm happy to help!



  3. Hi, Kat
    It's me again. I'd like to pin this but don't see a pinterest button. Am I missing it? Please email me when you get a chance. Blessings, Karen


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