Mirror Framed Mirrors

Remember when I said that I was going to have my bathroom project completed?? Uh yeah… well… RRRrrrr! There is always a wrench in my projects! It’s inevitable. I just shouldn’t say anything until its done and I have pictures to prove it! But I’m close! 😉 After a minor set back with the carrera marble counter top (had to take it back to get more holes drilled for the faucet), we finished everything except finding a new mirror. I have been SEARCHING! After endlessly clicking online and visiting a dozen shops I’m pretty sure I want a frameless antique mirror. I found one on Craigslist for only $50 bucks but someone got to it before me 😦  So now I’m drooling over these ones that I found on 1stdibs.com. There only $3000-$4000! Ha! These are circa 1940 from France and Italy. Guess I have some more searching to do. And as soon as I find it I will post about my awesome renovated bathroom!

Oh – and my kitchen is almost done too!!! This is most exciting because it’s been over two years since we started. Money (lack of) and kids are pretty big wrenches for projects too. 😉 But as I type this I have Santiago finishing painting the new trim work that Justin just installed. In two weeks I’ll have the cushions for the new banquette finished and BAM – photos of my completed kitchen! Lot’s going on right now!!

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