Raised Veggie Beds, continued…

Well,  I was pleasantly surprised to see this in the garden this morning. We’ve been on a little vacation for four days and I just now got a chance to check on the yard. Before we left we had pretty much given up on what’s “growing” right now. It’s actually round two with these damn beds. We got this dirt from our local building materials supply center and were assured that it was good for gardens. But, in fact, it is not. It’s evil dirt. It kills plants and doesn’t even allow seeds to grow. So with the second round we dug out some dirt and added a bunch of really nice bagged veggie dirt from Lowes, fertilized and replanted. Apparently we didn’t add enough – still no luck. The only veggies that sort of worked were these two seeds of zucchini I planted with the first round back in the beginning of May. They should be five times the size of this by now but they were still sort of alive so I kept watering. And low and behold we finally have veggies! The tomatoes blow, the basil sucks, and the carrots are pathetic. The squash, lettuce (three kinds), cilantro, garlic, onions, chives, green beans barely got out of the ground. If they did, they died shortly after. It was such a disappointment. But I think there’s still some time to plant more. We just have to dig out most of that crappy devil dirt and start over… again…

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