Corner Park Bench

Another project completed! FYI, I delivered my second baby girl six weeks ago and as elated as I am about Miss Hazel Mae, it feels so good to get my hands dirty again! I guess now that I’ve been home every day and can move again, I am on a mission to get things done. We had some guys come and install 12 inch pavers around the grass and fix the sprinklers. I’m not too crazy about the job they did but they were pretty inexpensive and it got done.

When we moved into this house almost 4 years ago it came with this vintage bench. I knew I wanted to keep it but we’ve been juggling it around the yard and it never really quite fit anywhere… until now. It finally has a home. And now the area looks like a cozy park corner. Well, the silver sheen needs to get bigger to hide the hideous fence but I’m pretty happy with it. The circle stepping stones lead to our compost pile in the corner. We also purchased a compost pail for the kitchen so now we have no excuses. We’ve been pretty good about coffee grounds but we’re stepping it up now. What are we suppose to put in the compost pile again?? 😉

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