Rookwood Vase

I’ve mentioned before about my love for table top home decor. Especially vintage and antique. I admire the craftmanship and quality of older pieces. Even though lots of historic companies mass produced items, they still have a handmade quality to them. Products today just don’t compare.

I spotted this lovely blue vase and was drawn to it. I didn’t know much about it or how old it might be but knew that it must come home with me. It has markings on the bottom but I needed to do some research to find out what they meant.

Turns out that this is a beautiful piece of early American pottery. Not only American but Rookwood, which was one of the first female owned and operated manufacturing businesses. In the late 1800s Maria Longworth, from Cincinnati Ohio, wasn’t happy with the local pottery at the time so she decided to make her own. She soon became internationally renowned and was awarded the First Prize Gold Medal at the Paris Exposition Universelle in 1889. Which was quite unusual because American art was considered to be 100 years behind Europe.

Rookwood pottery is now hugely sought after and very collectible. This vase is one of the early pieces made in 1920 which is known by the roman numerals, XX, on the bottom. It also has the numbers 1092 which refers to the shape. This vase is beautiful and petite measuring at 3 1/2 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter at its widest point. Its a very special piece and in perfect condition.

It was left at a thrift shop, obviously unknown of its importance. I’m so glad to have found it so that the new owner will appreciate it and hopefully educate the next person who acquires it. Geez, this was a sappy post. 😉 But my appreciation for buying “used” is growing; as well as my apprehension toward big bulk stores and the loads of crap that they carry. Re-use people and let’s slow down the overloaded landfills. There, some environmental banter for ya! Not so sappy anymore 😉

Available at my shop here:

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