Carved-wood Goblets

Do you ever see table top items that just take your breath away? I know, me too;) My first year of college I worked in the china department of Robinsons-May. My co-workers were all 50 and older. I was the little kid. But I had vision. I was promoted to the Waterford representative because of the displays I would do. Haha, kind of funny but true. I saw these hand-carved wood goblets and had to get them. I’ve never seen anything like them. I’ve been searching online to find out some sort of origin. Not much luck. I’m thinking 1960’s Hawaiian Luau theme. They’re gorgeous but I don’t think I would used them for beverages. I wouldn’t want to ruin them. What would you use them for?

Interested in them? Check ’em out on my Etsy shop…

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