New Project??

Can you tell what I desire in this photo?? I know it looks like a pile of trash, and actually I think that’s what it is. It’s my neighbor’s side yard. But look a little closer…

Ta da! It’s a cruddy old, used birdcage! Uhh-huh-gurgle (that’s me drooling like Homer Simpson when he thinks of a doughnut). Think I’m crazy? That’s highly likely. But, I have a vision. I see this as a totally kick-ass drop-pendant light for my kitchen table! I want it so bad! Should I go over there and ask? Kind of rude, huh? I don’t want to be a nosey neighbor – and these are the only neighbors on the block we don’t really talk to. Maybe I’ll sum up the courage and go over there. What do I say?? “Uh, I’ve been looking over the fence and saw this nasty birdcage. Want to give it to me?” I may need some liquid courage for that one…

One thought on “New Project??

  1. DO IT!!! If you don't, you'll miss out on a really cool project. I love the idea of it becoming a light! Go NOW kitty cat meow!!!


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